Tuesday, 22 November 2011

first edition. very sketchy and timing is out. due to lack of still's in video appropriation, i now have found more. Enjoy the ambiguous synchronicity. the effect is still lacking something. maybe more still images from war, riots and gaza. post's to follow

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  1. Looking good Joe; the timing between the cuts needs to be perfect, almost like interrupting (cut to the other shots mid sentence/mid explosion and vice versa, creating more impact and emphasising the contrast between the two lots of footage). If I were you as well, I would stick to all "live" footage, no still images (unless you can't tell), it makes it more like the viewer is watching to different types of news, home news and "real" news. Also, try to make the video a loop, like if you were to play it continuously (on two screens like you suggested) it would flow from the end to the start; like it never ends...