Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Installation, "Domestic Wars"

                                   Joseph Hale, Domestic wars, 2011, digital video and stills appropriation

Video will be posted tomorrow. had  great problem orientating the projector and the T.V. screen, so that everything worked next to each other. No shadows covering screen unless you walk past the T.V. Seat for viewer which i later realized people didn't initialy sit in. This gave the TV and chair its own sculptural value and feel. eventually someone sat in the chair which made me very happy. The subverted synchronicity works well. The feel of being in a room that isn't really there watching a T.V. program that doesn't really exist. I felt like putting a small statue of  Buddha underneath the tv so that there was a reference to nam june paik due to me breaking part of the T.V. when taking it to the gallery. i am interested if anyone would make the comparison when viewing due to the stand being split in half. (paiks broken T.V. on the way to the gallery it got damaged and the video only played on a small band half way through the middle of the screen

Problem solving is key to this work as you never expect to be able to visualise you're finished piece until you actually start putting the thing up.

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