Thursday, 24 November 2011

Statemnet for installation. Domestic Wars

Installation, Title: Domestic Wars

Installation consisting of projections taken from six different videos of my own domestic space, Kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and living room. The Videos are edited together, looped and then projected in a dark gallery space. There is a television set in front of the projections that is playing news appropriated images. ( BBC, RT, CNN) the appropriated images are of tragedy and depict riots, protest, police brutality and war, all sourced from Google and looped on a DVD. There is a red chair in which the viewer can sit and submerse themselves in both videos.

“Domestic Wars” grows from a deep seated fascination with new media art and its use of appropriation. The work produced questions the ideas of appropriation and our except preconceptions of news footage, against our own real life view. Domestic Wars has exaggerated and subverted accepted notions about both culture and the technology of television, while immersing viewers in a real/non real domestic space. Exposing something deeply irrational at its centre. I look to create and evoke de-synchronised views and disembodiment within the viewers conscious. The viewer can relate to both images but at the same time they are ambiguously differentiated in context and studium. The television set and red chair have both been transcended into sculptural artefacts in which we associated the viewing of news with. Done through the use of a gallery.

New media art has taken a casual attitude to the means of appropriation. This is due to amount of work that has no ownership or copyright. This in turn has created a complacent relationship to power and capitol. Noting significant milestones has become a chore in which our work must grow from. This is key to my own video art and is a theme that will carry through my entire practise.

Links to work online:       or search Joseph hale. 1 video. untitled

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